​Aspen Nail Laser system



Dr. Kentner's Medical Solution now has the latest fungus nail technology. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and to bring you the best new innovations for ugly toenails and toenail fungus.

We now offer the Aspen Pinnacle, a 30 watt laser for your toenail fungus treatment. This adds a totally different mechanism to remove your fungus.  The Aspen Pinnacle is a lower wavelength laser which causes increased oxygen levels in the skin and nail leading to fungal death. Treatments consist of 3 treatments, four weeks apart. The Aspen Pinnacle does not work by heating the nail.  This is the old method of treatment. There is no reason to suffer through the pain of a high heat treatment. Our device is truly FDA cleared for use in general and plastic surgery involving dermatological conditions such as toenail fungus and warts.














More info on Toenail Fungus and Treatment with Class IV Lasers

Toenail fungus, medically known as Onychomycosis, is a widespread problem affecting up to 10 percent of American adults. That’s right, over 23 million people in the US are potential customers for this valuable service. Onychomycosis results in toenails that are thick, yellow and sometimes smell bad. People who have nail fungus can spread it by shedding invisible spores when they walk barefoot in Spas, changing rooms and also when walking barefoot on carpets and floors.

Common options for a cure are limited and minimally effective over the long term.
The current options are:

Lacquers and ointments
Homeopathic remedies
Essential oils such as tea tree oil
Non-traditional desperate attempts such as: Listerine, Vicks VapoRub and Clorox. Sadly these methods rare achieve any lasting results because getting the solution under the toenail is difficult, if not impossible.
Hot laser treatments

The root of the problem is that toenail fungus is very hard to kill. The toenail fungi are extremely hearty. Anti-fungal pills are a popular option, however they are effective less than 50% of the time and they do carry some risk of liver damage. Prescription lacquers can be painted on the toenails, however this treatment is effective less than 10% of the time and requires daily treatment for 48 weeks.

Using Hot lasers to kill the fungus has become the best go to option for lasting results. While most therapeutic lasers are used to promote natural healing through promotion of cellular activity, the higher levels of laser power used to treat toenail fungus are quite the opposite. The newest and best FDA Cleared solution to effectively treating Onychomycosis is based on using a class 4 laser. A laser that is typically used for healing but where the emitter is specifically created to focus and drive the energy through the toe nail. By changing out the large treatment area emitter head with a pinpoint probe, a laser system with as little as 10 Watts can convey the energy all the way through the toe nail and kill the fungus under the nail. This system simultaneously kills the fungus while helping to promote healing of the surrounding tissue.

Toenail Fungus Laser Therapy

A cold system will never get the same results as a hot system because it is partially due to the generated heat of the hot class IV laser that kills the fungus. The wavelength of 980nm of laser light helps with the pain control and healing of the area. Our FDA Cleared laser comes with an effective fungus killing protocol and a pinpoint probe to ensure your patients get excellent results. The Aspen laser system is much less expensive than dedicated toenail fungus lasers on the market and it serves a dual purpose, since it also works on pain and inflammation so you get way more bang for your investment.

Treatment costs vary. Some areas may be priced higher or lower, however here is a sample average price that practitioners are charging:

Treatment Level Cost
One Toe $300 – $400
One Foot $600 – $800
Both Feet $1200

These prices include 3 treatments and 1 follow-up appointment (about 12 weeks after the treatment is complete).

Most toenail fungus clinics bill for this service in a package based on the number of toes. If you already have customers who would need a safer alternative for toe nail fungus removal, the payback on a combo therapy/toenail laser can be just a few months.