OUR HISTORY: Military Conceived, Hospital Tested, Doctor Recommended & FDA Registered

While some products like to boast about being 'all new' - why would you want to trust you pain to something that hasn't been truly vetted?

The science utilized in our pain relief wraps has been used for years in the military, and was then called upon by EMT’s, fire-fighters and other first-responders. ​

Next, we began filling orders for hospitals, nation-wide, and around the world - to help accelerate healing, particularly for patients recovering after surgery... ​

...Finally,  we focused not on healing injuries but maintaining cool during surgeries for the surgical staff


How it works:
By fully surrounding the body’s engine, the body management vest acts as a heat sink by continually absorbing excess body heat. As more and more heat is absorbed into the vest, the blood cools and concomitant body vital activity greatly slows so far less energy is required to maintain regulation. As the body heat is expelled into the vest, the need for sweating wanes and far fewer electrolytes are forfeited, leaving more energy and stamina for the entire day.


  • Personal body cooling combats the negative effects of heat stress, keeping you alert.
  • Maintains the metabolic resources that would otherwise be forfeited.
  • The vest’s anatomic, low profile design moves with the body.
  • No ice, ice-water or frozen gel. The self-regulating nature of this vest maintains a comfortably cool micro-climate under your surgical gown.
  • No hoses, electric cords and wires to get in your way.
  • No pre-cooling required. The vest charges and re-charges in any room temperature below 78°F making it easy to use and reuse.
  • The name bar ensures no identity confusion among staff members.


  • To save on energy costs, more hospitals are increasing and maintaining the operating theater temperature to 70°F. ***
  • Higher room temperature helps mitigate the risk of malpractice liability due to accidental patient hypothermia.
  • This vest alleviates the increased thermal burden of working with non-breathable surgical apparel allowing the surgical staff to work comfortably unencumbered with no hoses or bulky equipment.
  • Far less expensive than water-circulating or forced air vest garments to relieve heat stress.