Here at Dr. Kentner's Medical Solutions are always looking for ways for better patient care while increasing revenue for hospitals & practices. Let me provide an Autonomic  Nervous System & Arterial Testing Monitor (ATM) for your practice at no cost to you. Doctors in New York & Los Angeles have already found this very beneficial for patients, as well as their practices. For more information on this device check this PDF
The advantages are as below:
1. We provide the Arterial Testing Monitor at NO COST to your practices/hospital networks
2. We provide the training to your MEDICAL ASSISTANT to operate the device, at No COST to your practice/hospital network
3. They can then administer the non-invasive TESTS on the patients in as little as 7 Minutes
4. The Device prints a report
5. The Doctor reads and interprets the report to layout a TREATMENT PLAN
6. The practices / hospitals bills using the ICD CODES (Attached list) and gets the money from the INSURANCE (Attached Actual EOBs. Make Note Columbia University Group is one of their patient group paid by United)
7. Benefit to PATIENTS - practices / hospitals can prevent complications by catching arterial hardening and diabetic complications earlier than ever before. 
8. Benefit to PRACTICES / HOSPITALS – increase in bottom line revenue with No Cost (practices in middle America can earn $100,000 to over $1 million in larger cities). 
Patients that can benefit from this testing include those with a history of diabetes, obesity or heart condition and age 40 or over.
Please give us a call so we can arrange a conference call to answer any further questions you might have, and to move forward with this exciting opportunity. 
Looking forward to hear from you.
Bryan Kentner, DPM