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The enPulsPro is a unique radial pulse therapy system designed as an efficient and user friendly unit. The applicator head is patented electromagnetic technology providing the most reliable and durable device available.

The applicator head delivers a ballistic projectile transferring kinetic energy to the transmitter head in the hand piece. The kinetic energy is transformed into impact energy in the applicator head resulting in a pulse radiating out from the contact area into the desired treatment area.

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Zimmer enPuls Pro


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Dr. Kentner's Medical Solution now has the latest fungus nail technology. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and to bring you the best new innovations for ugly toenails and toenail fungus.

We now offer the Aspen Pinnacle, a 30 watt laser for your toenail fungus treatment. This adds a totally different mechanism to remove your fungus.  The Aspen Pinnacle is a lower wavelength laser which causes increased oxygen levels in the skin and nail leading to fungal death. Treatments consist of 3 treatments, four weeks apart. The Aspen Pinnacle does not work by heating the nail.  This is the old method of treatment. There is no reason to suffer through the pain of a high heat treatment. Our device is truly FDA cleared for use in general and plastic surgery involving dermatological conditions such as toenail fungus and warts.



We have everything from complete new systems with xcell machines, orthposer and digital film, to retro fit solutions that encorporate your existing equipment into a digital solution.

If you are using either film, or an outdated CR system....  now is the time to update your practice and join the digital age!  It speeds up your office flow, is a green solution that has no dangerous chemicals, improves image quality and patient satisfaction.

The digital software even has the ability to improve your surgical planning with our podiatric specific software!

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